2019 Honda CB300R Specs Review

2019 Honda CB300R Specs Review If you are a new driver, or want to add something small and enjoyable to your fleet, the time is good. Scooters are no longer tragically small, and other parts, and unlike 2000 when I first bought a new motorcycle, there was something available for everyone.

2019 Honda CB300R Design

The CB300R replaces the CB300F for 2019, and to my knowledge, this bike is the best in everything. The F-class sports bike’s style is very boring in my eyes, but the R increase goes far beyond comfort. This new motorcycle is smaller, lighter and more compact, with a new chassis and suspension system and ABS with two channels that rely on the IMU.

2019 Honda CB300R Specs Review
2019 Honda CB300R Specs Review

Honda said its focus on the creation of the CB300 was a great saving, so almost every change has come to terms with this goal in several ways. The largest is the chassis, a two-part design with a tubular steel frame and a separate axial pad supported by rear shocks. A new shorter swing system allows for the design of the wing on the right side by installing the new exhaust as much as possible for the overall centralization.

2019 Honda CB300R Engine

The 286cc DOHC single is mostly unchanged, although Honda says the intake was revised slightly for better airflow, resulting in improved acceleration performance. Although Honda doesn’t provide claimed horsepower figures, a rep mentioned that it makes 28.5 at the crank, and in our last test of the CBR300R with the same engine (except the new intake), it made 27.6 at the rear wheel.

2019 Honda CB300R Price

If what you’re looking for is easy to handle, lightweight, and able to travel at 75 miles per hour throughout the day, with a modern and impressive modern look and price of less than $ 5,000, go to your local Honda dealer (there are over 1200 national) See the CB300R 2019.


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