2019 BMW R1250GS ADVENTURE – In the bumper year of BMW, they introduced the rules book and took us directly to the R1250GS Adventure. Marcque Germany is usually waiting 12 months before the launch of the Adventure model, but with GSA sales now on par with GS standard, the new engine pads have saved us. So what’s new? Same with GS basically.

GSA gets a new 1254cc boxer distribution from the GS, which gets a 9% increase in power to 134bhp and a 14% increase in torque up to 92ftlbs, making it the strongest boxer produced by BMW. GSA also receives ShiftCam from GS, which changes the timing and steps of the intake valve to increase power distribution in the range of rotation, as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

2019 BMW R1250GS ADVENTURE Engine

The system changes between the ‘partial download’ profile profile and the ‘full download’ profile depending on the load and speed of the engine. The result is a torque of 81 feet of torque of 2,000 rpm, with a 4% reduction in fuel consumption while the future will check the engine for incoming emission standards.

2019 BMW R1250GS ADVENTURE Design

ASC and Hill Start Control are standard, but you can also add DTC, ABS Pro, HSC Pro, and Riding Modes Pro. If you add ABS Pro, you can also add Dynamic Brake Control, which interferes with engine control and automatically closes the throttle valve under extreme braking.

The HSC Pro also offers an optional HSC Automatic, which automatically applies brake brakes on the gradient to help start the hill. Other new features include LED mass, 6-inch color TFT display and Bluetooth connection. GSA is different in its ability to venture. The adventure model features a 30-liter tank, providing a theoretical range of 390 miles, and a 220 mm suspension for extra off-road capability. Barter is a high weight for pier and pants that up to 890 mm.


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